Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Peppercorn Pickle( Kurumilagu Urugai)

Green Peppercorn Pickle is one of my favorites. Its simple and easy to make and comes loaded with an lightnigy taste. I have vivid memories of my mom asking me to taste this during one of our market visits in Mylapore Madavidhi market. It was a revelation of sorts


green peppercorn- 150g
sesame oil- 1 tbsp
asafoteida- a pinch
black mustard seeds-1 tsp
fenu greek seeds- 1 tsp
curry leaves- 10g
lemon- 2 nos
salt- to taste

1. Remove the green peppercorns from the vine, wash and pat dry.
2.Assemble all the ingredients next to you for the tadka.
3.Heat oil and add black mustard seeds, once it starts crackling add the fenu greek seeds, curry leaves and asofetida saute for a minute on medium to low heat and remove it.
4. Place the green peppercorn in a container and pour the tadka over it.
5.Once the mixture is warm, squeeze lemon juice and add slat and toss.
6. Keep the container in the fridge for two days.
7. Your pickle is ready.

This pickle is really gud with thayir sadam (Yoghurt and rice)
Can be used in health vegetable rolls to add a Zing.

Next Week
Lentil and Curry leaf crusted Shrimps

Until Then
Happy Cooking!

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