Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kongu Nattu Samayal

One of the best meals I've had. I had been to my native place Udumalpet close to Coimbatore in South India.I came to know about this place through a friend while I was talking to him on their food habits.

UBM mess is where traditional Kongu meal is served. It is a farm to table concept with a difference. All that grows on the land plus the animals are organic and home grown or grown in nearby farms. The unique thing is the love and affection the couple show.

Mess is a eatery were homely food is served. Its a small farm house with a dining hall. You have to book a day in advance to savor the traditional food cooked with love. The lady of the house (Akka) is incharge of cooking and all the food is done on wood fired stoves. She is a wizard in action starts cooking at 10:Am in the morning and lunch is ready by noon. All the ingredients are farm fresh. She grinds all the spices (Masalas) by hand on a stone grinder (Ammi Kal) this has to have expertise.
I was one of the lucky one to watch her in action. She dose not talk to anyone while cooking you can hear the cows mmheeeeeeeewww and the birds chirping in the farm. After she finishes cooking you are free to ask her questions and she answers all your queries.

Turmeric plant

Later the man of the house takes over he lays a 2 and 1/2 feet banana leaf and lays atleast 16 to 20 dishes the is goat from head to tail including the blood which is made into a poriyal which is fragrant with fresh grated coconut and curry leaves. All dishes that are spooned out which should be had in sequence with the expertise of Anna who serves the food with love. Nothing should be wasted is the house rule. The grand finale house made yoghurt is so creamy. I enjoyed mine with a lil sprinkle of sugar sitting under the canopy enjoying late afternoon.

UGM mess - 0091-4294-245161. Please call up and book your place a couple of days in advance and to get your directions. Trust me this will be an experience of a life time...

Until then
Happy Cooking!