Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bounty of Ingredients

I'm simply in love with a few ingredients which I use in many of my recipes. CurryLeaves - The Eternal Herb My favorite herb it is an important herb to South Indian Cooking. Well I use it almost in many different ways. Cardinal rule to bring out the flavor is to quickly crackle it in hot oil. Asfoetida -Hings It is a resin from a tree and has a very pungent smell. Again it is used in many dishes in Indian cookery. Pathar Ka Phool - Black Stone Flower. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichen Apart from these I use a lot of spices and Seasonal Vegetables in my cooking. I love the farmers markets and make it a point to shop in one every week. I do not mind paying for the quality of produce and the care put behind growing something so beautiful. It is a soul filling experience.

Some of the other ingredients which I use is lentils. When sauted in oil till golden brown it adds a nice crunch.

Spices tend to warm you from inside. It is used to add flavor and impart its own fragrane. Masalas as we call it is the life line of Indian cuisine. It is also used in many cuisines around the world. Please take of the notion that Indian food is spicy and turn to the lable of a barbeque sauce and look at its ingredients you will find many of these.

Happy Cooking...

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