Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring time of plenty

After weeks of hard work and many trials and development the food has finally evolved. Many of the recipes come to me in my dream when I keep thinking about food. I scribble it immediately and the next day I go to my chef to share the ideas.

I'm really fortunate to be working with my chef . He is a class apart. Always supports and encourages ideas which keeps me going.

A long time passion of mine is to travel to remote villages in India in search of old recipes. Where I spend time with the cooks who have been doing these recipes day in and day out. I really admire how with great humility the are willing to share these recipes.

I want to thank my Dad. He is a real foodie and has explored all the corners of India for the best food. He always guides me during my travels into these remote villages as he has traveled to many of these places in his 40 plus years of sales and marketing career. He is also the official sponsor for many of trips.

We have try to put our thoughts on plates. Many of the recipes have been collected during my travels in India. The emphasis on this menu is the seasonal ingredients available in California.

Wild caught Scallops, Beet rice tomato coconut curry

Serves -2
Fresh Scallops - 8 Units
Pathar Ka Phool Marinade
1 tbsp - Pathar Ka Phool (
3 tbsp - canola oil
1 tbsp - coconut oil
1 tsp - ginger garlic paste
2 each - shallots
1 each - serrano chiles
1/2 tsp - black pepper corns
5 each - curry leaves
To taste- Salt

1.Heat oil and add Pathar Ka Phool (Stone Flower and stir for 2 minutes until it releases its aroma).
2.Over a medium flame add lentils and brown them till golden, continue adding ginger garlic 3.paste, cook till the raw flavor is gone, add the chopped Serrano chillies,shallots and gently cook till deep brown.Keep stirring continuously at all times.
4.Add the black pepper corns and curry leaves and cook for another 5 minutes. Untill all the oil floats on top. Check for seasoning. Cool and blend in a spice blender. Set aside.

Beet Rice
This is my mother's recipe. This was my favorite meal at lunch time during school days.
In California is a spring vegetable. There are many varieties such as red, golden, chiogga etc...

1 tbsp -vegetable oil
1 tsp - cumin Seeds
2 tsp -black mustard seeds
1 tbsp- broken urad dal washed
1 pinch- asofetida
1 tsp- ginger minced
2 tbsp- cilantro stem chopped
to taste- salt
1 cup- steamed basmati rice

This is a very quick process so assemble all the ingredients next to you before you start
1.Heat oil, add cumin crackle, urad dal cook till golden brown, add asofoteida, continue adding red onion brunoise sautee.
2.Add the beet brunoise and saute till just cooked. season and remove from heat. add few drops of lemon juice and rice and mix well.

Tomato Coconut Curry
2 each- vine ripened tomatoes, blached and chopped
1 each- red onion, small dice
1tsp- vegetable oil
1/2 tsp-turmeric powder
1/ tsp - roasted cumin powder
1/2 tsp - coriander powder
2 tbsp- coconut milk

1.Heat oil and add onion dices, and chopped tomatoes and cook till soft and add the spice powders and cook till soft and chunky.
2.Add coconut milk and seasoning and simmer for a few minutes.

These are really a wonder in god's creation. Please ensure it is cooked just right else it looses all its goodness

1. Remove the ear and roe from the scallop and rinse in ice cold water and check for any sand particles. Pat dry in a paper towel.
2. Apply the marinade and rest for a couple of minutes.
3. Mean while heat a pan with a few drops of olive oil. The pan needs to be really hot.
4. Quickly place the scallop and sear,once a crust has formed, reduce the flame. Turn to the other side and cook for a minute.
5. Rest and serve hot with the sauce and beet rice.

Wine Pairing - Neyers Estate , Chardonnay, Careneros Disrict.

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