Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have always wanted to cook. Well I should confess that the only thing I really live for is food.
Growing up in India I have always been in the kitchens of my mother, grand mother, relatives, neighbors. I used to spend a great amount of time with my mom when she was cooking. Those days all what I wanted to do is eat good food.

Slowly this good eating started to change into hands on cooking. Even while playing on the streets with my friends I always used to get attracted to the different aromas that emanated from the kitchens in my neighborhood. Like Jerry smelling cheese it used to attract me. This also developed a keen sense of smell. I like simple food which has been done time and time again. Steaming Idlis for breakfast and strong South Indian filter coffee. Smelling The fresh newspaper in the morning are pleasures. Think about it.

Well I have long thought about writing blogs as it will improve my language skills and is also a way to share my learning's on food.

People who visit Ranjani's Kitchen should have an informative and fun time learning some thing new.

Ranjani's Kitchen - Behind every successful man there is a woman, well in my case there are a few. My mother, Ranjani atthai and Sugantha atthai. My mom's sisters they were always supporting me. Yes their food lured me to become a chef.

Blog Rules - Recipes will be both in metric and US measurements. Spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuations to be forgiven.(will try my level best to minimize)
Native terms to be accepted (translations will be provided)

Happy Cooking!!!


Vandana said...

Congratulations!!! We are proud of you Shiyam!!! I am touched....
Expecting lots of entries in here...

Rashmi said...

congrats on ur new blog..

looking forward for reciepes...

do visit my blog when u find time and leave ur comments...