Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Filter Coffee

Best thing in the morning is of steaming hot filter coffee. I love when the smell wafts through it is divine.

The Coorg Mountains in Southern India is famous for its coffee plantations.It is truly paradise.
The coffee roasted on a low temperature for a prolonged duration of time. It gives it a intense aroma. This coffee is meant for the aficionados(no decaf)

Child hood memories create a coffee craving. Growing up parents never used give us coffee due to the caffeine factor is what I concluded lately. In my neighborhood Mylapore there is a lot of little coffee roastery so the kids used to hang out late evening when the coffee bean used to get roasted.

Things Required...
Coffee Filter
Coffee powder - 2 tbsp (Palntation A and Phebery blend)
Boiling water - to fill the top section
Filter Coffee
Davara and Tumbler(Traditional Utensils)
The Hindu or your favorite newspaper Optional

How to go about preparing your filter coffee...

Place coffee powder in the filter section and add boiling water , close the lid and allow it to precolate.

After 10 minutes your coffe decoction is ready.

Pour the decoction into a tumbler and add sugar and hot milk.

Stretch the coffee into the davara(cup) and allow it to froth.

The most fragrant South Indian Filter coffee is ready to give your day a head start.

Coming up... Summer Barbecue...

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